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5 Awesome Eats for Your Fantasy Football Draft Party

Looking for awesome eats for your fantasy football draft party? With the excitement of another football season comes the pastime of the fantasy football draft.  And with the fantasy football draft comes (if you do it right) a kickass party ...
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Millennials: Why Are You Financing Concert Tickets? #FridayReads

Some articles caught my eye this morning and I had to share them with you: Millennials are financing everything from bed sheets to concert tickets These millennials spend their days on the beach and still make money. Here’s how How ...
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7 Must Have DIY Tools For Weekend Warriors

Do you watch shows on HGTV and think “I can do that!”? Do you idolize the work of designers like Joanna Gaines? Well, I have a great list for you below! It’s the 7 Must Have DIY Tools for Weekend ...
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5 Ways to Make Training for Your First 5K Not Suck

Look, I think it’s great that you’re training for your first 5K. However, if you haven’t run a mile since high school — or never run period — it’s not as simple as jumping off the couch and hitting the ...
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3 Lifestyle Changes To Make While Paying Down Debt

*** Hey Run The Money fans, I want to share a guest post with you today from our buddy Jacob over at DollarDiligence.com. He’s giving us some great insight on lifestyle changes he made while paying off his debt.  Fun ...
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Top 7 Most Popular Gadgets on Amazon Under $200

What technology, gadgets and electronics can you absolutely not live without? Chances are they made the list of the most popular gadgets on Amazon — and under $200 no less! Consider this a chance to indulge for all you techies ...
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